vjoon K4 Consulting

vjoon K4 streamlines and accelerates Adobe InDesign and InCopy workflows while making collaboration more efficient and enabling teams to deliver content faster, in print or digital format.

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Whether you produce magazines, books, newspapers, journals or brochures, publishers of all kinds use vjoon K4 to help reduce time spent on edit rounds, improve collaboration and communication in the editorial process and manage workflow tasks and assignments. The result is time and money saved while extending the value of your content.

vjoon K4 is the ideal workflow system for creative and editorial teams to collaborate efficiently and in real time. Process-driven and highly automated, vjoon K4 structures workflows by creative roles, thereby allowing editorial, design, and production teams to work concurrently on content development within Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy, for both print and digital delivery channels.

vjoon K4 Features and Benefits

TrazerEdge is a certified integration partner and reseller for the vjoon K4 publishing system. Listed below are the key features of vjoon K4 and the benefits of each. 

Enterprise Content Technology

vjoon K4 is a powerful publishing platform with a tiered architecture in which desktop and browser based clients communicate with a Web application layer that is backed by a MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, or Oracle database.

All content and layouts are stored securely in the vjoon K4 database with full version control. vjoon K4 can store and manage nearly any file type. PDFs, Photos, vector graphics, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and Microsoft Word documents can all be managed and versioned within task-based workflows. Desktop users connect to vjoon K4 using a set of Adobe InDesign or Adobe InCopy plugins. Additional browser-based functionality can be added to vjoon K4 to allow non-InCopy or InDesign users to participate in vjoon K4 workflows. Once a user logs in to vjoon K4 they have access to content based on the permissions that user has been granted. When a user accepts a workflow task, the InDesign or InCopy file is transferred to the user’s local machine and is marked on the server as being “checked-out.” This locked status alerts all users of the system that the file is currently being modified and helps to prevent other users from accidentally overwriting a particular file. When a user is done with a task, or needs to work on it later, they check the file back in which transfers the local file back into the vjoon K4 database.

Workflow Management

The vjoon K4 task oriented workflows makes it easy to create step-by-step tasks and milestones for editorial, design, and production workflows.

Workflows can be defined for any type of content or any type of file. As content and files progress through the workflow, users are notified of new assignments through email notification or through alerts within InCopy and InDesign. The benefit of the task-based workflow is that users know exactly what jobs or functions they need to perform to complete a task and move through the workflow process. K4 workflows are adaptable for books, magazines, newspapers, journals, Website content or any other publication type. Every time a user checks a document back into the vjoon K4 publishing system a new version is saved. Versions can also be saved intermittently while the file is open. Users can view a version history for every file and can easily go back to an earlier version if necessary. The vjoon K4 Administrator can define how many versions to save before older versions are deleted to conserve server space.

Multi-Channel Publishing

The vjoon K4 publishing system can be configured to expedite your content output to multiple channels. Editors, designers or marketers start a story and create structured content within a central client. Using built-in automation, you can produce variants for each media channel from a single layout. Using XML Exporter, you can also transform your content for use on the web, on mobile and on ebook devices.

Production Process Overview

K4 Overview is a browser-based vjoon K4 add-on that gives users thumbnail views and status information for pages managed in vjoon K4 without needing InDesign or InCopy.

Through the thumbnail view, senior editors can get an overview of an entire publication and can check on the status of each item as the publication nears completion. Users can also download PDF’s of each document to use for commenting, annotations and proofing.