DPCI Announces Reorganization into Two Independent Companies

TrazerEdge Established to Focus on Software Implementation Services while Strategic Technology and Workflow Consulting Services remain with DPCI

DPCI, a 20-year old professional services company based in NYC and servicing clientele throughout the United states, announced today that the company is separating into two distinct companies. The software development and implementation business spins off to a new company known as TrazerEdge, with the technology and workflow consulting practices remaining with DPCI.

Tracy Gardner is announced as the CEO of TrazerEdge. Mrs. Gardner, who began her career at DPCI back in 2001, has served as Vice President of Client Services at DPCI, managing projects and customer relationships throughout that time. Prior to DPCI, Mrs. Gardner worked alongside DPCI’s CEO Joe Bachana at IMAGE Inc, and so their partnership has spanned several decades.

Joozer Tohfafarosh, now CTO of TrazerEdge, also joined DPCI in 2001 and has been Vice President of Technology at DPCI for well over a decade. Under his guidance, DPCI has implemented enterprise content technology platforms for organizations such as The City of Houston, Jobson Publishing, Comcast, and Publishers Clearing House, to name a few.

Tracy Gardner and Joozer Tohfafarosh, have worked at DPCI for over 18 years of DPCI’s 20-year existence, so the imperative to continuously innovate, to maintain best practices in implementation processes, and to delight customers is firmly embedded in their DNA,” stated Joe Bachana, CEO of DPCI. “I have no doubt that as partners they will be tremendously successful in the years to come.”

Creating two standalone businesses positions DPCI and TrazerEdge to further differentiate and specialize in the area of content technology strategy and implementation. The move also offers Joe, Tracy, and Joozer the chance to focus on their professional ambitions.

What most people probably don’t realize is that we have been operating in this way for a long time, where Joe has been passionate about helping organizations with their strategic technology vision, and Joozer and I have been devoted to building incredible digital platforms” stated Tracy Gardner, CEO of TrazerEdge. “Joe is a natural at helping enterprises uncover their people, process, and technology issues and has a vision like no other for what can be done to address those challenges. Under his leadership, we have developed and implemented solutions that turn his ideas into reality. We are positioning and promoting our two long standing business units as two separate companies, yet continuing to work together as partners.”

TrazerEdge will continue to offer implementation services around technologies such as Drupal, EnterMedia and OpenKM, among other development platforms. DPCI, in turn, will focus on fractional CTO-services, which include helping organizations map strategy to technology decisions, instituting best practices in the implementation and maintenance of technology(ies), and refining, then instituting, best practices in IT staff resource management and workflows. The two companies will continue to partner on behalf of customers on an ongoing basis.

About DPCI

DPCI is a technology advisory firm that helps organizations uncover underlying factors that cause software project and team failures, then helps to institute best practices that improve corporate investments in technology and human resources.


About TrazerEdge

TrazerEdge helps organizations create digital experiences with a focus on leading-edge content technologies such as Drupal, EnterMedia and OpenKM, among other development platforms. TrazerEdge is dedicated to excellence and provides unique capabilities to customers looking to create, manage and deliver content to Web, print and mobile devices.