EnterMedia is an enterprise-ready open-source digital asset management (DAM) solution to track, manage and share photos, videos, and other document formats online.

EnterMedia is a Java-based, enterprise-ready open-source digital asset management (DAM) solution to store & manage all of your creative assets. EnterMedia DAM is at the forefront of innovation and developed according to the growing needs of customers. Unlike other DAM solutions that require an investment in both software licenses and services, EnterMedia is an open-source platform, allowing your organization to save on licensing costs and instead focus on integrating the digital asset management platform with other content technologies important to your business.

In addition to implementing EnterMedia as a stand-alone digital asset management system, we have created connectors that allow other business systems to use EnterMedia as the content repository, ensuring that all of your content technology systems are pulling the right assets at the right time. Working alongside the folks at EnterMedia, TrazerEdge continues to push the boundaries of what digital asset management can do for your organization.